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Commission Domination Bonus

Commission Domination Bonus

Commission DominationYou will need my bonus if you want to beat out all the rest of the Commission Domination students. How can you ensure that your sites STAY at the top of the rankings?

That’s what I will be showing you in the killer bonus I am preparing.

So bookmark this page right now, sit back and wait for August 1st when Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, and Andrew X release Commission Domination!


Commission Domination


Commission Domination Review

Commission Domination is something that you are interested in, right? I assume so because you landed on my Commission Domination Review page so most chances are that you are thinking about it and considering whether or not you should give it a try.

To be honest with you, Commission Domination is the only product in months that really got me excited. The thought of 3 big shots as Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim and Andrew X combining forces really got me thinking that Commission Domination should be something quite different than the regular crap we see lately.

Commission Domination OverviewCommission Domination

  • Name: Commission Domination
  • Creators: Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim & Andrew X
  • Launch Date: August 1st, 2011
  • Price: $47
  • Commission Domination >> Official Site
  • Commission Domination Bonus

Commission Domination Review

The main concept of Commission Domination is a software that will help you create money making websites.

Now, this is nothing new as we have seen quite a few of these software tools before, BUT, and it is a big BUT, it seems that with Commission Domination it actually works.

The software develops your whole website and it is not just a basic simple layout as you may think. It will create a highly tested, high converting site in which you can customize it EXACTLY how you want.

Essentially, Commission Domination allows you to build a project, type in your affiliate monetization, your keyword research made easy, make your site optimized for domain searching, custom html and article spinning and of course, making it go live.

The Commission Domination software is very impressive. It does everything you want to do from link building, to article submissions, to social networking, to RSS, podcasts, classified ads, videos, and much much more.

Commission Domination Conclusion

Commission Domination is different from what you are used to see and I simply recommend you check out Anik’s first video showing you some of the tips he is using to rank his affiliate sites on top of the search engines.

Commission Domination

If you are still struggling to make CONSISTENT money online then you should check out Commission Domination as I’m pretty confident it could point you in the right direction. Just watch the free videos and learn from the free tips. Those alone will be very valuable for you.

Commission Domination


[ddet ]Commission Domination - A Complete Overview

It's very easy to feel overwhelmed if you're new to marketing and thinking about all it takes to be a success. Take affiliate marketing for example, it's not supposed to be hard - but it can be and is for many. Someone's trying to change that, his name is Anik Singal & Andrew X. He's the developer of "Empire Formula," and now is launching "Commission Domination," and he intends to offer some relief to affiliate marketers who are struggling to find success. Very many internet marketers want to make as much as they can with as little work as they can get away with. And Anik's new product is supposed to let you do that. Naturally, nearly all affiliate marketing courses make that claim, so we took it upon ourselves to have a closer inspection of Anik's product.

Maybe you've seen Anik's name mentioned before, online. Anik's "Empire Formula" is considered a high quality IM product among his peers. He has created a number of other programs that have all been popular as well. Anik's name is synonymous with trust, so any affiliate marketer would be expected to turn to him for advice on how to become successful.

You pAnikably are ok with how to drive traffic to your sites. However, Commission Domination will reveal a new perspective on generating traffic. It lists several traffic generation techniques that you pAnikably haven't considered yet. Don't worry, these traffic generation techniques are all "white hat" and can't get you in trouble. However they will actually send a lot of traffic your way, but you have to do it right.

Ok, do you understand how to select the right niches you want to sell in? Market research is really important because with it you can sell to practically anyone. You will have to know how to find the right markets to work in if you ever hope to make money in affiliate marketing.

If you choose the best and appropriate niche markets, making sales will be incredibly easier to do. Benwell's program offers lessons in niche choice, because there is more to it than simply looking at a list of topics and thinking "I bet there are lots of buyers in that one!"

Whether or not this product will help you make millions of dollars is not easy to pin down. Of course no product can actually do you work for you, but this one will make you a smarter marketer over your competition. If you're looking for a way to make auto-cash, this is not it. But you won't be disappointed if you're looking for creative, fresh idea plus some inspiration to take you to the next level. It's important to realize and remember that your level of success is made by you and never any particular product.[/ddet]

Traffic Siphon Bonus

Do not purchase this product. Please see what I have written on my review page about George Brown’s lies here at this link.

[ddet Traffic Generation]

Use These Internet Marketing Strategies to Increase the Traffic To Your Website

People have been using online marketing has been used for quite a long time. However, the increasing number of people who use the Internet has taken this medium to a completely new level. Any product or service can now be marketed online with a decent response rate. Since Internet is global, you can reach out to a large number of people in a short amount of time. There are Internet marketers who have made millions of dollars in just a few years by marketing niche products online. You can also achieve the same success if you have enough passion and devotion. Before you try a marketing technique you don't know, you need to start off with something you are at ease with. In this article we will be discussing such Internet marketing techniques that will help you understand the basics of promoting products.

When you're marketing online, content is the king. There are many different ways you can satisfy the needs of your target market, but nothing can give them more value than quality content. Thus, irrespective of the fact that you are publishing articles on your site, compiling videos for your prospects or simply sending out a newsletter, it is critical that you focus on useful and unique content. Good content provides more than just one benefit. Firstly, it will establish you as trustworthy in the eyes of your audience and help you build a strong brand. Since you are providing relevant and compelling content, your site will be more respected by the search engines. And last but not the least, the only way you can really stand out of your competition is by giving away content that no one else is. This is a method that cannot fail you if you want to be successful with internet marketing. Most Internet marketers underestimate the power of adding podcasts to your site to offer your visitors. When you use podcasting to your advantage you can boost your online marketing to a new level. If your visitors like your podcasts, they might decide to link to it on their social networking platforms, spreading the word about your products even wider. You can use several methods to get your content in front of your audience, but podcasts can offer a fresh way to keep visitors interested for longer. While it may still be an underused method, there are still some Internet marketers who have realized the benefits of this form of marketing to reap results. You can easily run podcasts on targeted topics and give people an insight into what you're offering. You can build a loyal following by creating podcasts that address your visitors' problems or raises their interest as you build a relationship with them. The Traffic Siphon review is all you will need to understand this course by George Brown and Andrew X.

When marketing your website or online business, you need to utilize as many strategies as you can. In fact, email is one of the simplest methods to boost your traffic. People send each other emails on a regular basis and also conduct professional networking through it. Additionally, networking allows new people to contact us. And there are many times we have email correspondence with someone who is looking for help in your target market. When thinking of how much you use your email, wouldn’t it be a good move to make sure your signature features your website? This way, every email you send to people will also deliver a powerful promotional message and turn every recipient into a prospect. All you need to do is to ensure you are targeting the correct people with your email signature and everything will go smoothly. Promoting a product online is all about putting the right pieces together. If you’re only new to Internet marketing, it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. The easiest way to overcome this is to begin with one simple technique and master this before moving onto the next. Stick to focusing on mastering one technique at a time and you’ll be pleased by the results you receive in the end. With a system like Traffic Siphon, you will learn more than just these kind of strategies so bookmark this page and see what is in store.

[ddet More about Traffic]
Traffic Generation - Understanding it Completely

Is it hard for you to get the right people to visit your website? In this article we will share some easy and effective methods of generating traffic. Traffic siphon is a course by George Brown and Andrew X. I will have a full review of it and offer you a killer bonus.

One simple tips that many Internet marketers scoff at is that quality traffic is the best traffic. When you're trying to get traffic to your site, your aim should be to get visitors that are actually interested in what you're offering, and not just random people who just visit and leave. You should focus all your efforts on creating a targeted flow of traffic and not a random one. Anybody who tries to sell you site vistiors, no matter how many they offer, should be ignored. These services are always scams and nothing more. The traffic they generate for you is not targeted at all and is harvested through programs that are based on click exchanges. There's absolutely nothing called as a "guaranteed" way to create quality traffic, you'll either have to work for it or you'll have to invest some money. Last but certainly not least, before you spend any money on advertising, you need to remember that your money is at stake so you will have to decide upon a source of traffic that is worth what you are spending and that will return nicely on your initial investment. This course has nothing to do with a car. When you talking about Traffic Siphon in that sense you will encounter terms such as road siphon and parking siphon.It is more important to work on generating traffic than finding new buyers. In order to achieve this you'll have to make your site sticky and give your visitors a reason to come back. For instance, if you're running a website on 'Forex Trading', you can give your visitors a daily update about the market or give away a new trading technique on your site. There are lots of options available to you because as soon as you understand just how to get repeated traffic you'll know how valuable it can be for your business. Repeat traffic won't cost you any money; you can get it free. The giant web portals like Yahoo and MSN are as huge as they are because they gave people reasons to keep visiting their sites over and over again. If you work hard on your website and make it worthy and helpful your traffic and visitors won't have any problems coming back to read you again and again. Repeat traffic feeds on good content so make sure your site is full of good high quality content for your visitors to read. Dont’ confuse this course with bandwidth siphon. That has only references to internet related studies.

If you have money available for it, you can spend some on targeted advertising that will send traffic to your business. Advertising doesn't work the same for everyone but if you approach it the right way you can get lots of targeted traffic from it. The key to success through banner advertising is choosing good places for your advertisements. It's simple: just look for sites that are like yours in your nice and ask if you can buy banner advertising space in their pages. You can pay per page impression or just every month.

Banner advertising can be successful is all we're trying to say. With this Traffic Siphon course, you will learn concepts such as traffic siphon money but nothing about vacuum, pump, speeding or parking.

To sum up: these are all easy tips from Traffic Siphon that you can use to generate more traffic for yourself.

[ddet More Traffic Generation]Traffic Siphon - Review of a Best-Selling Traffic Generation Course

No online business can survive without driving targeted traffic to its site. When you do a search for "traffic generation" in Google or any related terms, you'll see tons of articles that talk about various methods to get visitors. But what if you're new and you just want a direct, step by step plan? What about all those who've tried to drive targeted traffic, but only met with complete failure? But consider there's only one road map standing between your site and profitable traffic. And this step-by-step roadmap has been created by George Brown, who was responsible for creating the product Google Sniper.

No question, George knows his business when it comes to generating quality traffic. Since he knew many people wanted to learn how he does things, he worked for 2 years straight giving rise to his newest offering called the Traffic Siphon, which will not only help you fulfill your traffic needs but will finally give you the freedom to generate online profits like never before. After going through his system, you'll be able to capture traffic for your own or affiliate products. His course is way out in front of the rest when it comes to generating targeted traffic. This review article will dissect Traffic Siphon and reveal how it does what it claims it will do.

In order for any online business to succeed, it needs plenty of targeted traffic and Traffic Siphon promises to show you exactly how to generate a massive amount of the right traffic whenever you want it. The course explains in detail how to create traffic using paid methods, but also goes into equally as much detail about harnessing free traffic sources as well.

This massive course contains more than 300+ pages of detailed information explaining clearly the exact methods you need to create traffic, including maps, diagrams and strategies that make it easy to follow. What's more, the course goes beyond everything gives you an alternate learning method by teaching through videos, which show you everything in detail. In fact, Traffic Siphon offers you 21 high quality videos that spread over 9 hours of intense content. The course contains multiple modules, each of which covers a different traffic generation method in detail. These videos are a treat to watch because they let you to absorb all the information easily.

Driving targeted traffic with search engine is the first module. Then it moves on to the second and third modules which give you targeted information about syndication marketing and video marketing respectively, which show you how you can create and distribute content in different formats and get traffic through it. The next aspect that is tackled is social networking. Social media marketing and networking which is hot right now, is used to drive traffic. All the other modules go in depth on both paid and free methods such as viral marketing, PPC marketing and Contextual Advertising.

If you always wanted traffic to your website but didn't know how, then Traffic Siphon is the answer. You're given the keys to unlock a steady stream of visitors to your site whenever you want them. Take the opportunity to learn how to create endless streams of traffic the right way and you'll be saving yourself time and money.[/ddet]


Traffic Siphon Review

Traffic Siphon: The Big Lie


Do not purchase Traffic Siphon and if you have , I advise you to refund it!

Below is a post from Vita Vee on his forum about this product. It speaks for itself. You can find this post along with the many responses to it at this link:


(To easily refund with no questions asked simply forward your receipt to refunds@clickbank.com  and you will quickly get a refund) :)


Traffic Siphon LIES

Ok, I never do this usually but I’m tired to see this kind of LIES all over the place and marketers to take advantage of newbies.


Right now almost all the gurus and super affiliates are promoting Traffic Siphon to their lists.

I was curious so I purchased it myself… and I asked for a refund within 5 minutes or maybe even less!

The product is basically nothing more than a collection of places where you can build backlinks, the usual “find .gov and .edu blogs and post your comments there”

So how come the sales page says:

[Image: 1mFt.png]

This is just pure LIES… And wait it’s not all… They also dare to tell us this:

[Image: 1mFw.png]

100% brand new? really?

How come in the members area we learn about:

* article marketing with ezinearticles and a few other directories?
* forum backlinking
* comment spam
* yahoo answers
* squidoo lenses
* hubpages

All of this is OLD, OLD, OLD and OLD – nothing new.

And what really got me upset this morning is when I received this in my email box (from George Brown & Mark Barnard for their partners)

JV’s: 10,000 sales & 48 hours to go (BIG leaderboard shift!)

So you’re telling me you sold 10,000 copies???

How come on your sales page you’re writing this:

[Image: 1mFE.png]

So you have just sold 9,750 MORE copies than your limit… and you’re asking your partners to sell even more…


The product is CRAP – The sales technique is based on LIES and I’m just going to make sure that I never buy again on recommendations from your top affiliates.

Thank you.

An “angry” Vita Vee

Here is the link again


[ddet Get loads of Traffic]

As an internet marketer you know that your website is your bread and butter. The home of your content that hopes to turn visitors and surfers into buyers, or subscribers. You must realize that a good website, that converts, is essential to the process. But the site is only a one one part of the overall marketing process. You'll also need to get some traffic to that site. People need to know you exist so they can visit and spend all their money with you.

You can see immediate traffic if you use press releases. There are lots of press release distributors on the internet these days. If you do a search on Google, you'll find tons of places that will distribute your release, of course some will charge for it. Your release needs to be written properly and well, and if it is and your product is good enough your PR could be picked-up by media outlets. If that happened your traffic could spike significantly, overnight. Of course if your site converts, you could get hundreds of sales very quickly.

PPC campaigns are probably the fastest way to build traffic.

These can be made relatively inexpensively. Do some keyword research and write up some creative ads and you can generate quite a bit of traffic this way.

Google Adwords is the best known pay per click service Some internet marketers get most of their traffic by using pay per click. When you write your ads, keep in mind that the only way you will get visitors is if people actually click on them!

Use social networks by registering with them and creating profiles. You can't afford to ignore social networking giants like MySpace, Facebook and others! You can build a large amount of traffic, which can lead to sales, but taking advantage of these sites, even if you don't immediately see them as internet marketing tools. Take a look at the profiles others in your niche have created and learn for yourself what works and what doesn't. As you meet people who are interested in what you have to offer, you can gain a following, some of whom will become regular buyers of your products!

There are quite a few ways to drive traffic to your site. Most of the time, depending on the method, it’s a process you must devote time into constantly. You need to spend time every day building links to your site and encouraging people to check out what you are selling. With so much variety, hopefully it won’t need to be a boring task. Also, a lot of affiliate marketers are driven by thinking of how they may profit from all the various tasks they have to do. When you buy Traffic Siphon, you will learn a whole lot more about traffic generating methods.

[ddet Traffic Getting Tips]
Traffic Generation - Things Every Webmaster Should Know

Having difficulty getting the right person to your website? This article will illustrate a few easy and effective tips that will help you generate more traffic with less work. Traffic Siphon by George Brown and Andrew X will be the premier course on traffic generation on the market today.

Paying attention to the quality of the traffic is something that many Internet marketers ignore. When you are trying to get people to visit your site your primary goal should be to find visitors who are interested in what you have to offer and not just the random visitor who stops by and leaves quickly. You should focus your whole effort on building a targeted flow of traffic and not one that is random. Don't give any money to someone who tries to sell you site visitors; they are scam artists. These types of services are nothing more than scams. The traffic that you get from them is not even targeted but is harvested through click exchange programs. Nobody can "guarantee" any certain level of high quality website traffic; your only options are hard work or high investment amounts. Finally, you need to be careful; before you put any of your own money into advertising or traffic generation you need to chose wisely on the method itself so that you won't end up wasting your hard earned money. Traffic Siphon course will give you plenty of traffic tip to help you get all the visitors you need. Always keep your focus on getting repeat traffic, instead of getting new visitors all the time. To achieve this you will need to give your site visitors a reason to visit you again. To give one example: if you have built your website to be about Forex Trading you can update it with market tips, current events or new trading techniques to give your visitors a reason to keep returning to you. There are lots of options available to you because as soon as you understand just how to get repeated traffic you'll know how valuable it can be for your business. It's something that you don't need to pay for because it's coming for free. The giant web portals like Yahoo and MSN are as huge as they are because they gave people reasons to keep visiting their sites over and over again. If you work hard on your website and make it worthy and helpful your traffic and visitors won't have any problems coming back to read you again and again. And a lot of this has to do with the kind of content you have on your site, so make sure it's interesting and enticing enough. Don’t belive the hype. Traffic club is not going to lead you astray.

If you have pockets that are deep enough you will be able to afford buying advertisements like banners to help you generate website traffic. While this won't work for everyone, it can send lots of traffic to your business if you approach advertising correctly. Where you show your banners is what will make your campaign successful or fail. Find sites that are relevant to yours and strike a deal with them to post your banners. Your choices are to pay per click through or on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This is our way of telling you that you can find success with banner advertising. When searching for an online weather siphon, you must look carefully.

To sum up: these are all easy tips that you can use to generate more traffic for yourself.

[ddet More Traffic]Get Targeted Page Views To Your Website With Traffic Siphon

A major factor in the success of your website is traffic. In order to survive in this dog eat dog online world and be successful, your website needs to have a healthy stream of targeted traffic coming your way. However, the majority of the information available on this topic is much unorganized and everyone has their own take on it. With so much information available it is quite easy to become confused. To help you, George Brown a well known Internet marketer has created Traffic Siphon. What sets apart this course from all the courses out there is that it helps you get strong with your basics first and doesn't jump pages. It tells you what to do to promote your site without having to know the advanced methods. It helps you consume the traffic creation strategies easily, and takes you by the hand in helping you understand the dynamics of driving targeted visitors. We try to explore the benefits you will get after using this course, this article sees if it has useful ideas to generate traffic.

The Traffic Siphon course is specifically designed to teach website owners the right way to attract hordes of visitors to their sites using both paid and free traffic generation methods. The course creator, George, hasn't held back anything, even going so far as to include his own massively effective Google Sniper methods that can generate huge traffic numbers from search engines. He even explains how to get the most out of paid traffic generators, such as Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter and others. The Traffic Siphon course will give you all the tools and information you need to begin attracting massive numbers of visitors to your sites, which can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Many website owners don't realize that creating traffic requires a strategy, which means they're aiming at their marketing efforts blindly. But once you understand how to create a clear strategy that works for your specific niche, you'll always have plenty of traffic. Every step within the course is explained in such a detailed way that it's easy to understand and put to good use right away. George has also gone to great lengths to not skip any steps, covering everything you need to know. Despite there being 9 hours of solid information in this course, all of it is aimed at moving you through the steps you need to take to succeed.

The beginning module starts with Search Engine Optimization and teaches about AMR or Advanced Market Research to help you leverage the search engines for traffic. Then the coming four modules go in depth about syndication marketing, video marketing and social marketing. The basics through to the advanced are taught in detail in the modules that remain.

Traffic Siphon is the ultimate guide to learning how to build and create massive amounts of traffic easily. You're handed all the information you need to turn your site into a success. So don't make the mistake of wasting time, instead educate yourself and save time and money, both.[/ddet]

My Membership Empire Review

My Membership Empire Review

There are literally dozens of ways to generate income on the internet dues to its size and reach. As long as there is demand for your product you can make a large income with a top notch strategy. Internet marketers have sold information in various ways, ebooks, reports, software, but creating dedicated membership sites to sell targeted content still remains to be one of the most popular ways. If you are serious about growing financially then you have to go where the money is, and now and far into the future it is with membership sites. Please, don’t over complicate things by thinking you can’t come up with a topic, it can be as simple as listing your own hobbies and interests. I know this seems to good to be true but in reality there are some vital methods needed to pull this off.

Get My Membership Empire

My Membership Empire was create by two very successful marketers by the names of Andrew X and Steve Lee Jones and is a very effective system for actually building a membership empire, 13th April 2010 is the release date. We all know that this is the internet and anybody can talk-the-talk behind a screen but Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones are real deal players in the internet marketing world plus they walk-the-walk. Some of their previous income increasing methods are Niche Socializer, My Clickbank Business, and Google Magic Formula. My Membership Empire puts a different type of value into your hands, not the thousand extra bonus value but it gives you the ability to makes thousands of extra dollars kind of value. This is a complete process of making a successful membership site from beginning to end. From this point on we will concentrate on the ways that My Membership Empire can catapult you to the next level.

Get My Membership Empire

Steven and Andrew’s course will set a higher standard for membership site courses. The amount of information can allow anyone to build a site that’s designed for growth and profit. You’ll see exactly how to acquire members and retain them as members. Attracting new subscribers is not always easy, but giving them a good reason to stay can be harder, sometimes. But you will receive training on how to overcome these areas. Training will be available for other important concerns like creating content and how to go about it.

My Membership Empire will also guide you into automating your sites once they’re up and running. They’ll also provide you with any amount of help you may need when you build and maintain your sites. You will have access to webinars on advertising and videos on different areas. You need the complete puzzle laid out and put together; not part of one with pieces missing, My Membership Empire is that complete puzzle. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Get My Membership Empire