Authority Pro 2.0 Review

If you have been an internet marketer and a little bit into niche marketing than you probably know that using a good theme can make your life a lot easier and actually help you make more money (if only by saving time).

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It seems the internet marketing world is being filled with various types of internet marketing themes which are all designed to make your life easier and get more done with a click of a button without needing to do any coding.

Authority Pro 2.0 is the latest internet marketing theme and after testing it out and I decided to share my thoughts and impressions.

Authority Pro 2.0 OverviewAuthority Pro 2.0

Name Authority Pro 2.0
Creator Alex Goad
Focus WordPress Theme
Price $97 – Single Site$197 – Multi Site
Official Website
Bonus Authority Pro 2.0 Bonus
AP2 Demo Site Authority Pro Demo Site

Authority Pro 2.0 Features

I want to make something clear first. The theme used in the site you are now on is Authority Pro 2.0. I find it very strange to see many people recommending a specific theme but not actually using it.

Squeeze Page Generator

The squeeze page generator is probably the biggest feature of Authority Pro 2.0 and the one that most users will look at when they get the theme. Creating high converting squeeze pages is very important in the internet marketing world as you should all know and the problem is, that most of us (including me) are not very good at doing this.

This is where Authority Pro 2.0 Squeeze Page Generator comes to the rescue. With Authority Pro 2.0 you are getting 13 ready made, tested and high converting squeeze page templates:

You can choose a layout style of 2 columns or one column and you can integrate your autorepsonder into the squeeze page. Authority Pro 2.0 supports the 2 biggest and most popular autoresponders: Aweber and GetResponse so no matter which one of them you are using, you can easily integrate it into your squeeze page.

The creation of the squeeze page is real simple and easy and is done in the same screen in WordPress as if you where creating any other type of page. The addition that makes creating the squeeze pages easy are the Authority Pro 2.0 Squeeze Page Options:


As you can see, the 16 options you get cover everything you need in order to create a high quality squeeze page. The great thing is that you decide everything. You can use whichever options you want and not use the ones you don’t want. It is all up to you and it is all very easy and truly is a matter of a few clicks away. No need to be a graphic designer or know any coding.

Affiliate Link Generator

Cloaking your affiliate links and making them “look” better is very important in increasing your CTR and it is a very know fact that I am sure many of you already know.

Authority Pro 2.0 makes this very easy with its built in Affiliate Link Generator. You don’t need to buy or install any other plugin in order to manage your affiliate links.

A very simple to use interface allows you to create affiliate links in a matter of seconds:


Just enter the title you want for the link, enter the affiliate link itself (bare affiliate link) and you can also add a description for your own personal use. The affiliate link will be created under the /go/ directory.

Profile & Review Builder

Since Authority Pro 2.0 was specially designed for internet and affiliate marketing it comes with the Profile and Review Builder. If you are promoting affiliate products than you are going to be very thankful for this feature.

Creating optimized and high converting reviews is not as easy as many would like to think and thanks to testing and tweaking, Authority Pro 2.0 gives you the ability to create just that type of review pages.

Creating a profile or review post is very easy. All you need to do is to create a new post or page and simply select the profile or product review from the drop down media type options:


Highly Customizable

Authority Pro 2.0 is probably the most customizable theme you will find. It comes with 24 custom widget areas and 11 of them are custom-coded widgets. Having so many custom widget areas gives you full control on the look and feel of the site and limitless opportunities to make your site look and function exactly the way you want it.

From my own experience, it is so frustrating having a great theme but missing a few things that you need in order to truly make it great for you and for your own specific needs. With Authority Pro 2.0 I didn’t have that problem thanks to the high level of customization and ease of use.

Just look at how many ready made widget positions you get with Authority Pro 2.0:


And here are the custom made widgets you get with Authority Pro 2.0:


These are only 9 of the 13 you get. Here are the remaining 4:


It really can’t get any easier then this. All you have to do is drop the widget you want in one of the 24 ready made areas and that is it. With the custom made widgets you see above you really get everything you need in order to build any type of site or blog you want.

Authority Pro 2.0 AP Launcher

All of the Authority Pro 2.0 theme options are handled using a single dashboard as you can see in the image below. You can also see the edition of the Squeeze Page generator and the Affiliate Links generator. Everything is organized and easy to access and use.


Authority Pro 2.0 Dashboard


The Authority Pro 2.0 Dashboard is where you will go to in order to determine you SEO and Site settings, Lead Generation and Content Settings.

SEO & Site settings

Just like any other premium WordPress Theme, Authority Pro 2.0 has built in SEO capabilities. You can determine the target SEO keyword, SEO site description, SEO site title and SEO meta keywords.

Lead Generation

The lead generation allows you to create up to 4 custom opt in forms in order to use throughout the site with the appropriate widgets.

Content Settings

The AP content Settings allows you to create up to 5 ranking categories for both your profile and review posts. This is the star ranking system that will make your profiles and reviews professional looking and highly converting.

What’s Next?

Stop looking for the best internet marketing theme and get Authority Pro 2.0. It is was made by internet marketers for internet and affiliate marketers and it really has all you the features you need. Give it a try and see how good it can be and how easy it can make things for you. You are fully covered with the 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

You can and should also check out my Authority Pro 2.0 Bonus and see what you will be getting with your purchase.