SEO Link Monster Review

SEO Link Monster

Hey Guys,

Matt emailed me the other day and told me about the new project, SEO Link Monster, he and his brother Brad are Doing with Dori Friend. I don’t know either of the other two but I know Matt very well. I’ve talked with Matt around a year and a half now. I’ve seen the kind of products he does and I haven’t seen a bad one yet. Him and Brad only put their names on products that are good ones and SEO Link Monster is no exception. Another thing I know about Matt is his down to earth kind of attitude. He is just a cool guy. He’ll help you anytime he can and do it with enthusiasm.

SEO Link Monster Review

Matt gave me some details about this new product but asked me not to say too much yet. When he gets the members area set up in a couple of weeks, he’s going to let me test it out. Suffice to say, I’ll have first hand knowledge of SEO Link Monster and will be able to tell you all about it.

Update 1:

I now have access to SEO Link Monster and have already started submitting articles into the system. See the below image for proof that I a member. I’ll give you more information about this program soon!

Update 2:

I convinced Matt to do a little Q&A for me. I only asked him a few questions because I didn’t want to take up too much of his time. Some of his answers he wanted to keep under wraps. But what I did get out of him is pure Gold!

Here is the exclusive interview with Matt Callen of SEO Link Monster!

Jack Partain:  You have My Article Network, Brad has SEO Link Vine, and there’s also SEO Link Vine Elite. Why a new blog network? What is different about this one and why should people use it?

Matt Callen: SEOLinkMonster is totally different than our other blog networks.  The main difference is that we own 100% of all of the sites in the network, so we have full control over the quality of the sites, the SEO structure of them, and how much content gets published on each of them.  This is great for users because we can guarantee that their articles will get published “X” types per day… where X is determined by us and how we feel it will best benefit everyone in the network.  There are other differences in SEOLinkMonster, and differences in some of the “unadvertised” bonus tools that we give to them, as compared to our other link building systems.

When comparing SEOLinkMonster to our other link network systems, the closest one would be SEOLinkVine Elite in terms of quality of the sites and sheer power of the network.  SEOLV Elite is a private, exclusive high-end service where we only allow 50 members into each network.  It is high priced, but it works insanely well.  It’s not a system for “beginners”.   So we’ve been wanting to create another network where we fully own all of the sites in the system, BUT we wanted to make it affordable and open to everyone – beginner or expert.  And this is exactly what SEOLinkMonster is. It’s essentially a “near perfect” link building network.  And I say “near” only because we’re constantly improving things.  This is how we’re able to consistently stay ahead of the game in SEO… we adapt constantly!  So our users know that what they’re getting access to will always be up-to-date and the best available online.

Jack Partain:  How many times will a given article be published?

Matt Callen:  This one is a bit tricky to answer because it’s not necessarily based on a “per article publish rate”.  Rather, we guarantee users nearly 100 publishes per week.  So that comes out to about 14-15 publishes per day, no matter how many articles you add to the system.  You add 1 article, you get 14-15 publishes of that one article per day.  You add 50 articles… still 14-15 publishes per day.  It’s based on a total publish rate, and not on a “per article” rate.  And we’re allowing up to 3 links per article.  So essentially, you can build 1,260 high quality links per month.

Jack Partain:  Do you have plans to upgrade/improve the service in the future, such as extra features like social bookmarking or RSS submissions of the feeds to aggregators or anything else?

Matt Callen:  Absolutely.  Anything that we feel is of value to the user, we’ll add it to the system.  We currently have several “unadvertised” software tools in the members area to help users with their SEO plans.

Jack Partain:  Is there anything else you would like to add about SEO Link Monster?

Matt Callen: The only other thing that I’d like to note is that this is the exact same link building system that all of us here in the office use too.  So it’s not a system that we built out of nowhere in the hopes of just creating it for a “product launch”.  It’s something that we all personally use, and have all had great success from using. We’re very proud of this, and we truly feel that it’s something that will benefit a LOT of people.


Until then, let me tell you about a couple of his other products that I use most everyday and that I love.

WP Clicks – This one is so cool. You can video your visitors movements while they’re on your site. You can see their mouse and where they click. When I first saw this, I was pretty well blown away by it. I was instantly benefited by one of the things that I saw. I had done something on my site that I thought my visitors would see as a convenience. As it turns out, by using WP Clicks, I was able to see that everyone pretty well ignored it. I change it back immediately!

MyArticleNetwork – I have used this blog network extensively. This is actually how I came to know Matt. He had seen how much I had utilized the power of his blog network and contacted me to do an interview. This network has grown a lot. I need to ask him how big it is now, but I think it’s got over 20,000 blogs. If you don’t know what it does, the premise is simple. You submit articles to the system with links back to your site. MAN distributes them to a ton of blogs in their system. So you get backlinks from a lot of different IP addresses and domains.

Rankerizer – Great free desktop app for tracking your site’s rankings. It’s very lite, can run in the background on a schedule and it will generate graphs to chart the changes in your rankings.

Be sure to check back for my SEO Link Monster review! I’ll see you then. :)

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