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Ultra Spinnable articlesThis is the official review of Vita Vee’s Ultra Spinnable Articles from the number 1 authority of spin ready articles theleadingarticles.com

If you don’t already know, I am Jack, the Super Moderator from Vita Vee Forum’s. I am closing in on 3,000 post at the Forum, second only to Vita Vee himself. I work very closely with Vita and if you have ever submitted a ticket at theleadingarticles support desk, I am the one who helps you out. :)

I have been with Vita for over two years and have learned a ton from him. I also have every single one of the Ultra Spinnable Articles that has ever been released (this include both the premiums and ALL of the minis).

Get a free sample of every niche Ultra Spinnable Mini right here.

I have helped countless people with how to use them and on the many nuances of the Ultra Spinnable articles. And as I will show you below that I am an absolute authority on how to use them. Besides Vita Vee himself, there is no one online today that knows more about these articles.

From working the support desk at theleadingarticles.com, I have come accross may questions about the Ultra Spinnable Articles. Let me try to answer some of them for you right here.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at the bottom of this post and I will add them to this FAQ.

Simply click on the questions and the answer will expand on this page.

All of the articles that you will get from theleadingarticles.com come in spin ready form. This means that they have the variations already in them. They will be ready to use in any blog network or submittal software. Here is an example to show you. This is the first paragraph from one of the Business Marketing (IM) niche articles:

{Writing {is|will be|can be} {hard|difficult|challenging} enough to do when you know what {you are doing|you’re up to|what you are doing}.|Writing is {tough|hard|daunting} enough {for people|for individuals} {to do|to accomplish|to perform} when they {know what|really know what|understand what} they are doing.|Even {when you are|if you are|when you’re} {well versed in|trained in} what you are doing, {writing|publishing|composing} is hard.}  {When you aren’t {sure|certain|convinced} of your {writing|publishing|composing} skills, however, or if you know that writing is not one of your strengths, {writing|publishing|creating} even a one page article can take hours and hours of your time.|When {you aren’t|you are not} {confident|self-confident|assured} in your {writing|publishing|composing} abilities, though, or if writing is not something in which you are strong, even {writing|composing|creating} a single page can take tons of your time.|If {you don’t have|you do not have} confidence in yourself or if you aren’t {very good|excellent|good} at {writing|composing|publishing}, writing even just one page {can take|may take|might take} hours or even days of your time.} {This is {problematic|a problem|bothersome} under {the best|the most beneficial|the very best} of {circumstances|conditions|situations}.|This {can be a|generally is a|is usually a} {problem|issue|dilemma} even {during the|over the|through the} {best|finest|very best} of times.|Even under {the very best|the most effective|the most beneficial} {circumstances|instances|conditions}, this is a {terrible|bad|horrible} problem.} {When {you are|you will be|you’re} {trying to|attempting to|seeking to} run a business and {need|want|require} articles for your blogs and for article marketing purposes, it can be disastrous.|If {you want to|you intend to|you wish to} run {a business|an online business|an enterprise} and are in need of {articles|content articles|articles or blog posts} (for any number of reasons), it can be absolutely disastrous.|This can be a {total|full|complete} disaster {when you have|when you’ve got|if you have} a business {to run|to perform|to operate} and you need articles for {marketing|advertising|promoting} and blogging purposes.} {You {need|will need|require} {lots of|a lot of|many} articles, {you need|you will need|you require} them {quickly|rapidly|swiftly} and we’re willing to bet that you don’t have the money to hire {someone|somebody|a person} to write them all individually.|You need {tons of|a pile of|a great deal of} articles and you {need|will need|have to have} them fast but it’s a {fair|sensible|reasonable} bet that you do not have enough {money|capital|funds} to commission them all separately.|You {need to have|must have|require} a lot of {articles|articles or blog posts|content articles} {created|produced|made} and you need to have them {created|produced|made} quickly but it’s a fair assumption that you don’t have the money to pay for this to happen on an individual basis.} {This is {why|exactly why|precisely why} we {decided to|thought we would|chose to} {look at|check out|take a look at} The Leading Article’s Ultra Spinnables articles.|This is the reason we {decided to|chose to|thought we would} {check out|take a look at|look at} The Leading Article’s Ultra Spinnables articles.|This is the {entire|whole|total} reason we thought {we’d|we would} {take a look at|look into|review} the Ultra Spinnables service offered by The Leading Articles.}

The primary difference is the size of the aritlces. The premiums typically have between 12,000 and 14,000 words in delivered, spin ready form. They are spun on a sentence and paragraph level. The minis are usually around 2,000 words and are spun on a sentence and word level. Each are capable of a mind boggling number of variations. But the premiums are not called premiums for nothing. The invisible layers of variations these have (topic variations among paragraph variations, numbers of paragraph variations) is only part of the things that sets them apart from the minis. When you subscribe to the premiums, you will also get access to a private forum at vitavee.com where Vita creates websites right before your eyes. You will also have access to exclusive information and tools inside the private forum.

Q. More to come soon..

Ultra Spinnable Articles

are typically over 13,000 to 14,000+ words in total! They are spinnable to a 500 – 750 word article.

Variation 1

Why Use Spin Ready Articles To Increase Your Sites Traffic?

If you want to make any sales or conversions on your website, then you need targeted traffic flowing in on a regular basis.  To increase your site's traffic you need to employ multiple marketing techniques. Some of the tactics are easy to do, others you will learn in time, and one tactic, called article marketing, works great. Article marketing means that you places articles online that are related to your certain area of expertise, enabling you to speak to the people who would be interested in what you are selling and getting you a lot of backlinks from sites that choose to publish your articles. When you publish these articles you will receive a backlink, and this will increase your ranking on search engines like Google, that use them to determine your rank. The greater the links the greater your rank.  So to get more links, you will have to publish a high number of articles, where you also have to maintain the quality.  Publishing a high number of articles takes time, so you may choose to outsource the work at a small fee instead. 'Spin Articles' are a much less expensive option.

Spin articles or spun articles are just unique versions that are generated from one original article, where the sentences and/or word variations are randomly rearranged to produce a high number of unique articles. This way you can have many articles that stem from the original one. You can spin articles with software bought from the net. The outcome from these software tools are many times not readable. The software takes words out of the article and replaces them with synonyms, this can create articles that are hard to read. Is there a better solution? Which is why human written spin articles are way better than computer generated ones. This generally creates articles that are much clearer because people read through them instead of randomly changing words. These articles are then interesting, unique, and easy to read. With this well written seed article you can create literally thousands of variations to put on different sites and generate backlinks. Using spin articles is a wonderful idea for your site too, so that you can keep new content on it and keep the search engines happy. The amount of effort required to continually produce well written articles is time consuming. However there is an option that will save you time and effort. That’s easy; all you have to do is log on to TheLeadingArticles.com and get the people there to spin articles for you.

TheLeadingArticles.com can take care of all your article needs giving you time to do other things. They deliver ultra spinnable articles 7 days a week, that are of very high quality. When you use this service, you’ll get a team of writers who will create articles of any length which will pass the test at Copyscape, and which are engaging to read. The articles that are available are related to Internet Marketing or reviews on products available from Clickbank. These articles are considered ‘ultra spinnable’ as they can produce a very high number of variations. Once the original articles are ready, the team then works on manually rewriting each paragraph 5 times, in various ways. Then each sentence of the article is manually rewritten 5 times. The whole process is three steps long, and can create an astounding variety of 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 variations from the basic article. More importantly, you will never have to wonder if your articles are unique, because all content that is created is unique no matter how many times it is spun and is available to a 300 person limited membership.


Variation 2

Use Spin Articles to Boost Traffic

With no traffic there comes no profit. It really is that simple. To generate traffic you need to bring whatever it is you are offering, to the attention of the most people you can. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the best is to create and publish articles on as many other websites that are related to your product as possible. By publishing articles on related sites you gain backlinks to your site, which raise your rank on search engines, eduacate prospective customers, and get them interested in your products. Now, the catch is that the number of articles you write should be high to get high number of backlinks. If you have good quality articles the likelihood of publication is higher, therefore the amount of relevant sites your articles are shown on will increase, and thus the amount of backlinks you manage to grab will also increase. How can you possibly achieve this? Can you imagine manually writing hundreds, if not thousands, of unique high quality articles by hand? A much more cost effective and efficient method is the use of spin articles.

Spin articles are unique versions of an original article you write, where the sentences and words have variations that are juggled automatically to give you many articles. This allows you to create many articles from one original article without much hassle. You can spin articles using certain tools. However, they don’t give the best results. These software programs use synonyms to spin the article, leaving it very rigid and dry. They really don’t produce the quality that a human written spin article produces. This is when humans spin the articles for you, each article will be unique but better yet it will make perfect sense and read well. From just a single original article, you can get literally thousands of new articles, all of which you can use in your quest for backlinks and search engine optimization. These changes in articles can also be used to refresh your current website to make it appear fresh every time, something Google likes. To achieve this you need access to some real human writing talent. This is where ‘TheLeadingArticles.com’ comes in. This is a new spinning service which offers great results at a small cost.

Every day of the week, even weekends, this service is available to provide you with ultra spinnable articles. Their team promises to give you a 500+ words article, that’s original, interesting, of high quality, and passes copyscape. Clickbank product reviews and articles about general Internet marketing are available. They then take the original ultra spinnable article and rewrite each paragraph 5 times and then each sentence 5 times, manually. The results achieved by this process are amazing, 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 variations can be produced. There is always a unique article available to suit your needs because membership is limited to 300 people.


Variation 3

Spin Articles for Internet Marketing

Websites require a regular flow of targeted traffic to see any profits. A great way to increase your site's traffic is by making information about your site available to many people in your market. This is not only to educate your prospects but to also gain good search engine rankings. You can make this information avaiable to your customers by publishing articles on the internet in your specific market. The higher the number of articles you publish the greater results you can achieve. It gives you a chance to gather a large number of backlinks from other sites that carry your articles, which helps in improving your rankings. The quality and the quantity of these articles need to go hand in hand. Creating enough articles to make a difference takes a lot of work. There is some options available to shorten your workload. Spin ready articles are one of these solutions.

So what exactly are spin ready articles? A spin ready article is created by taking the original article and rearranging sentences or words to create a new article. Depending on what technique/tool is used to spin an article, you can get thousands of different variations for one original article. There are now software tools available to spin articles. These tools are not always the best way to receive quality spin ready articles. Since they use an in built method to swap synonyms and create a spun article, the result isn’t very readable. Sometimes the articles produced can be completely unreadable. Articles rewritten by humans are a much better option. Computers cannot generate the same type of articles that humans can because they cannot think they way humans do. Spinnable articles make your life easier because you can create thousands of unique articles from the first original article. This means you can have thousands of articles all over the web bringing you link juice, which ultimately helps you rank higher in Google. Another way to use these articles is on your own site, this way you can keep your site constanlty fresh, which Google loves. Creating thousands of articles can take up a lot of time, especially since you want them to be high quality. Now there is a new service available to do the work for you, it’s called TheLeadingArticles.com.

It is sometimes hard to get a spin article done by an actual person, because of the many that are needed, but by using TheLeadingArticles.com it is simple to obtain spin articles any time you want. Each article will be 500 words or more, copyscape passed and is written by skilled human writers. These articles are written on the Internet marketing niche, which include general articles plus product reviews (mostly from Clickbank). These articles are each created by rewriting each paragraph five times, then each sentence is rewritten five times. From one spin ready article you can receive 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 different variations. The quality of the article remains the same, and, because the site limits its members to 300, each member is not restricted to a certain amount of articles.


Variation 4

Discover How Spin Articles Can Get You on Top of Google

With no traffic there comes no profit. It really is that simple. Peole need to be aware of what your site is offering in order to increase your traffic. One of the best ways to do that is to write and publish articles on other related websites. This not only helps you educate your prospects and pre-sell them about your product, but it also helps you get relevant backlinks, which are necessary to rank well in Google. The only problem is, the articles you write need to be of good quality, you can not just spam poorly written articles, this will not help you with backlinks at all. If you have good quality articles the likelihood of publication is higher, therefore the amount of relevant sites your articles are shown on will increase, and thus the amount of backlinks you manage to grab will also increase. What is the best way to do this? Can you imagine manually writing hundreds, if not thousands, of unique high quality articles by hand? Yes, you can do that, but there's a much simpler and cheaper way to do it and that is "spin articles".

You may be wondering what a spin ready article is. A spin ready article is created by taking the original article and rearranging sentences or words to create a new article. You can turn one article into thousands of articles if you use the right technique. You can produce such articles easily with the available softwares in the market. These tools often do not produce the best articles. They can produce unclear articles because they simple take words out and replace them with synonyms. Many times they are not even readable. Another option, that usually produces better results, are articles rewritten by humans. Computers cannot generate the same type of articles that humans can because they cannot think they way humans do. The reason you would want to use spinnable articles is because they can help you publish many unique articles on the Internet without much problem. The more articles you publish, the higher the number of backlinks, meaning your ranking on search engines goes up. Search engines like Google also look at how often your site is updated, so it would be smart to frequently use the new articles on your site. If you want a high quality, well written article it can be a lot of time consuming work. This is why a new service called TheLeadingArticles.com was launched recently, that gives you readymade spin articles for your marketing purposes.

Every day of the week, even weekends, this service is available to provide you with ultra spinnable articles. A team of writers works for the service, creating original articles that are at least 500 words and pass copyscape. Clickbank product reviews and general Internet marketing articles are produced by this service. The original articles are manually rewritten, first by paragraph and then by sentence, each 5 times, this nets thousands of new articles. An unbelievable 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 unique articles can be produced from one original article! There is always a unique article available to suit your needs because membership is limited to 300 people.


Here you can see some of my stats in using these articles for over a year and a half. Want to know how to get results like this?

Ultra Spinnable articles Backlinks

Ultra Spinnable articles

Ultra Spinnable articles Backlinks

Ultra Spinnable articles Backlinks

Ultra Spinnable Artilces

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  1. admin Post author

    Hi, this special access code will be a code that you enter at checkout to your great advantage! ;)


  2. Henry

    I have a question? With these ultra spinning articles. You can only send one to the same directory right because they are all basically talking about the same subject. Yes you can spin it and send to other directories. But can you actually start a blog on each article and spin it so many times and just keep using that article for your blog since it is a keyword article, and have a never ending blog on that keyword. You can monetize your blog with adsense and affiliate programs, will that work or no?

  3. admin Post author

    If you are sending one of these to a blog network like SEOLinkvine, every member can submit them many times. If submitting to an article directory, they are actually unique enough to be submitted to more than once.

    That is true you could do one blog per article and simply use the one article for the whole site. However, although we will pass Google’s duplicate content filter, one article on the same subject may get a little boring for the visitor. Best idea would be to create a very targeted blog with only a few posts targeting very specific keywords, or to create a larger blog with a broader subject niche. Then you could use several of the Ultra Spin Articles.

    Certainly, you could monetize it anyway you wanted, whether it be adsense, affiliate links, cpa… anything you want.


  4. Henry

    Thank you for good answer. But i thought that all the spots were filled in the IM niche and he has sent me a coupon for the new Niche Topics Ultra Spinable Articles that opens Monday, that will have two or three diffeent Niches each week. He just hasn’t mentioned the price yet.So if the spots are full how do you get me in or is that for the new one that comes out Monday. Or if your a member of the IM Niche do you automatically get the new one also or are you stuck in IM?

  5. admin Post author


    There are still spots open for the IM Niche Ultra Spinnable Articles. Yes, you will be able to get the new Niche Ultra Spinnable Articles beginning Monday at the price of $77. It would be wise to get them then. This price will only be available for the first 7 days and you will be locked into that price for life.

    There are two distinct memberships for each of the USA’s. You can have an IM membership or you can have the Niche membership. You can get either membership or both.


  6. Jack

    Hello Guys!

    Would love to head your advice on these 2 program. UAW [Unique Article Wizard] or AMA [Article Marketing Automation]

    As i intend to pay a monthly fee on either one, which will be the ideal choice if i intend to create linkwheel as well?

    I thought of getting UAW will do since AMA are also Blogging sites which is the same as Linkwheel platform. [Web Blog]

    Any suggestion will be good. Thanks!

  7. admin Post author

    Hi Jack,

    I haven’t used UAW but I can say that AMA will be very good for you. Also you can use MyArticleNetwork or SEOLinkvine. If you intend on creating Linkwheels (which I would advise against creating the traditional linkwheel) then you definitely need to supplement it with articles submitted to a blog network.

  8. OnlineWritingExpert

    Very refreshing indeed and great to know that there is an option for high qulaity, ultra-readable spun articles. I am just sick and tired of tsome programs that promises a lot but simply turns out un-readable gibberish that makes a mockery of article writing as a marketing tool.

  9. Carol Perdue

    Wonderful! I havent been able to get into the writing mode as of yet. The example was awesome.
    I Look forward to receiving my free article and reviewing it. This will come in handy for sure.
    Thanks for offering such an awesome tool for Network Marketers.

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