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Empire Formula Review – Anik Singal Empire Formula

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I promised you a review of Empire Formula, Anik Singal’s dream product which launches on October 26th 2010. He has clearly stated that this is a product that he, and his team at Lurn, have been looking forward to releasing for some time and is the result of 6 yrs of building his online empire.

But first let me prove to you that I really do have the course and I know what I’m talking about when I give you this information. Here is an image of the Course Index at Stage 1

Empire Formula

So let me lay the Foundations for you before we take a closer look at Empire Formula. First, this is not another course about affiliate marketing, that’s not to say there will be no affiliate marketing involved. Empire Formula is a course about, strange as it may seem, building your online Empire. He has included over 50 modules accompanied by around 28 hours of video, as well as pdf’s and transcripts.

This course is based on Anik’s journey to the point where he now runs a successful information company turning over $10 million a year. Anik has already given away a basic, if you can call a 158 page document basic, plan to reach stage one of his 4 stage course.

Ok lets break it down for you

Anik has separated Empire Formula into 4 parts and these parts are based on hitting a dollar value income target.

  • Module 1 $0 – $300k
  • Module 2 $300k – $1 Million
  • Module 3 $1 Million – $3 Million
  • Module 4 $3 Million – $10 Million

So they look like achievable goals ! Don’t they ?

Some of you reading this will already be having dreams of a life on the beach drinking cocktails, others will be thinking “This is just a hype tactic to make us buy into it all”, and still others will be looking at these numbers as insurmountable targets and crawl back to their day to day grind.

To quote a line or two from Anik’s free pdf

“I see so many marketers start an online business hoping it will give them
freedom… only to create another JOB for themselves!”
Anik Singal.

I just wanted you to get out of the mindset that Empire Formula is about Affiliate Marketing and creating a new JOB for yourselves.

Lets Look at Module 1 $0 – $300k Empire Formula

A vast majority of this you can see for yourself in the Empire Report released by Anik a few weeks ago. So I will just go over the core contents for the benefit of those that have not read it yet.

In this module we see Anik take us through the basics of setting up your Business to succeed. This is probably the most important section because it will help take out all the trial and error that many new business owners suffer through.

The module consists of 15 courses all backed by pdf and high quality HD walk through videos. Much more than you will get from the initial basic Empire report that Anik has already released.

The Topics covered are :-

  • Course 1: Introduction.
  • Course 2: Niche Selection.
  • Course 3: The Basics.
  • Course 4: Types of Products.
  • Course 5: Product Development- Basic Funnel
  • Course 6: Creating Your First Offer.
  • Course 7: Creating a Sales Process.
  • Course 8: Outsourcing 101.
  • Course 9: Customer Support Basics.
  • Course 10: Your ”Launch” Checklist.
  • Course 11: Your Initial Traffic.
  • Course 12: Initial Conversion Strategies.
  • Course 13: Initial Networking.
  • Course 14: List Marketing.
  • Course 15: Initial Technology (Payment and Affiliate).

Empire Formula

As you can see there is a lot of content and course work do be done. Many of the course subjects here you can get as individual products from various other successful Internet Marketers, some for free others as premium $500 or above products. Clearly you can see that you would only be getting a small part of the picture. However Anik has gone the extra distance to make sure that not only do you get a great Blueprint to create your Empire but is also giving you all the tools you need.

Lets Look at Module 2 $300k – $1 Million Empire Formula

In this module of Empire Formula Anik has provided another 15 in depth courses to help you move on to the next level and achieve that 7 figure step in your goal.

This is not about merely duplicating previous work and scaling it although that is a big component. It is more about introducing effective systems of work and using software and tools to streamline your business. All of this requires a significant investment and is the basis of way Anik has devolved what could be one long course into income defined Modules. He understands from his own journey that in order to increase your turnover then you are going to need some investment capitol to realize that potential.

The Topics Covered Are:

  • Course 01 Welcome to Stage 2: What to Expect
  • Course 02 New Tools
  • Course 03 Sub-Niche Diversification
  • Course 04 Recurring Products
  • Course 05 Stage 2 Sales Funnel
  • Course 06 Recurring Offers
  • Course 07 Expanding Sales Process
  • Course 08 Consistent Outsourcing
  • Course 09 Changes in Customer Support
  • Course 10 Stage 2 Launch Plan
  • Course 11 Traffic To Expand Into
  • Course 12 Diving Further into Conversion Tracking
  • Course 13 Turning the Networking Up a Notch
  • Course 14 Expanding List Marketing
  • Course 15 Tech: More Flexibility, More Features

Empire Formula

Suffice to say Anik has gone to great lengths to prepare the training courses in a logical manner and adhering to the high standard and quality you would expect, having seen the pre-launch material he has already released. Click here for the most recent video that he has released.

Lets Look at Module 3 $1 Million – $3 Million Empire Formula

In this module Anik begins by explaining away the myth that, once you make your first Million then the money just starts to roll in automatically. Well it isn’t as simple as that. You have to work just as hard to maintain that level and move forward and increase your volume to achieve the next goal of $3 million.

Module 3 of Empire Formula expands on the previous two modules introducing you to new concepts and tools to help you manage your new Empire as you move forward into what will now be a multi-million dollar operation.

As you may have gathered a lot of this is based on creating a Brand and marketing your own products not just selling other peoples products, although this is still a key component of your online network building.

The Topics Covered are:

  • Course – 01 Welcome to Stage 3: What to Expect
  • Course – 02 New Tools
  • Course – 03 Niche Domination
  • Course – 04 Live Events, High-End Products
  • Course – 05 Full Sales Funnel
  • Course – 06 Crafting Each Piece of the Offer
  • Course – 07 Beginning to Hire
  • Course – 08 Turn Customer Support into Sales Function
  • Course – 09 Stage 3 Checklist
  • Course – 10 PR and Brand Attention
  • Course – 11 Advanced Conversion Tools
  • Course – 12 Firming Network – Systematize It

Empire Formula

We are now working towards a fully fledged stable company operation with employees and contractors and as such a whole new element of organization comes into play and doing it right can be the make or brake of it all. Having spent a great deal of time getting this far the last thing you want is to fall now and Anik goes a long way to helping and advising so you can avoid the pitfalls.

Lets Look at Module 4 $3 Million – $10 Million Empire Formula

Module 4 is all about consolidating the previous courses and finally reaching the goal of financial freedom. The courses in this module all focus on the big picture while you firm up the structure of your multi – million dollar business and start to become an authority figure in the online marketplace.

A lot of the lessons learned here are higher management and streamlining lessons. As well as creating and building on previous Brand strength and diversification.

The Topics Covered are:

  • Course – 01 Welcome to Stage Course: What to Expect
  • Course – 02 Horizontal Niche Diversification
  • Course – 03 Back-End Funnels into Main Funnel
  • Course – 04 Course Finance and Budgets
  • Course – 05 Management and Hierarchy = Freedom?
  • Course – 06 Stage Course Checklist
  • Course – 07 Lead Events – Become an Authority
  • Course – 08 PR: Apply for and Win Awards
  • Course – 09 Message from Anik

Empire Formula


Well I hope that so far in my Empire Formula Review you have gained some useful insight into what all the fuss is about.

In conclusion this is not a course for the faint hearted or wannabe overnight online gazillionaires, lets face facts here this is just not going to happen to anyone. There are no short cuts to financial freedom, except for maybe winning a million dollar Lottery. So what are you going to do while you are waiting for those winning numbers.

I think a brief look into Anik’s track record so far. He started off, as most do, by working online as an affiliate selling other peoples products. Then spotting a niche in the market launched his highly successful Affiliate Classroom, a training ground that has help launch the careers of 1000’s of affiliate Marketers and online Businesses. In the latter part of the first decade of the 2000’s Anik formed Lurn Inc another ground breaking company focused on teaching people to fulfill their dreams and ambitions of financial freedom.

I think that it is clear that Anik knows what he is talking about and we can expect nothing less from Empire Formula. This course will not be cheap and if it were then would you really expect the advice or courses included to be able to help you build an online multi – million dollar business. Really ?

If you are not committed to making the necessary changes to your current efforts in order to succeed as well as put in the hard work needed to build anything of value then this really isn’t for you.

However if you are prepared to put in the work and focus on a goal orientated training plan then I would recommend taking the opportunity to do so, following an established online business mentor in the shape of Anik Singal.

I highly recommend you purchase this course through my affiliate link. If you do, I will provide you with the ongoing support that you will need to succeed in creating your Empire Formula.

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[ddet quick review]Empire FormulaAnik Singal is one of the world’s most revolutionary geniuses. He has created many unique online products that have assisted thousands in creating value and wealth for themselves and their businesses. When you consider that this man has created many different successful projects, it is amazing that he continues to have success with each one. Over and over again, Anik Singal has proven that he can be a successful entrepreneur who knows that he has to do. Best of all, Anik knows what must be done in order to be successful. Do not pass up the opportunity to be someone who can make a difference, become part of the inner circle that Anik is a part of and make value. The Empire FormulaAnik Singal created a company called Lurn INC. This company is one of the leaders in the teaching and consulting of different individuals/companies in the Internet marketing space. There are thousands of techniques that can be used to promote websites and different ventures. However, Anik was one of the pioneers in the field and realized how individuals can make a large difference in the promotion of online sites. One of the first products that Anik went out and created was a product that was called Affiliate Classroom. This product is one of the key products that Lurn INC still supports to this day. Anik Singal had the view to see that individuals would promote products for companies on the Internet of the future. This is called affiliate marketing and there are many individuals who are making millions of dollars or more off of this online marketing strategy today. Best of all, individuals are able to create the value that they were seeking in their lives.

Anik Singal also created other business ventures. Some of the other business ventures that Anik decided to create include PPC Classroom, Affsphere and many many other ventures. All of these businesses focused on improving the experience of others individuals when they are Internet marketing. Whether you are the type of person who knows what they are going to do to promote your product or you have no clue, it is important to know your product. The one skill that Anik Singal has perfected is knowing his product well. His newest product, The Empire Formula focuses on wrapping up all of the information that has has taught people through his other products. Whether he is continuing to help value the customers business or simply assists with the promotion techniques that they are currently using, Anik Singal knows how important it can be for a small business to succeed.

Anik Singal and Lurn Inc want everyone to be successful. While it is highly unlikely that everyone will succeed, that does not mean that people have to be complete failures. Anik knows what needs to be done for everyone to succeed on at least some basic level. The Empire Formula is dedicated to helping people grow themselves and their business to the highest point and potential.

Is Anik Singal's Empire Formula The Real Deal?

How many times have you bought some kind of internet marketing related product, and then when you unwrapped it you were sorely disappointed? First, we want to say that there are major differences with Empire Formula, a product created by Anik Singal. Anik Singal has a very solid reputation for creating IM training products that are highly targeted for specific needs. Anik has chosen what he thinks is a fair value price, and the price is not affordable to many people. Anik's experience and knowledge are worth it to many people, and he never lets anyone down. We were really quite curious about Anik's new product, Empire Formula, and we decided to perform a review for the IM community.

Empire Formula is one of those rare Internet marketing training programs that take you by hand and help you get started with your online business, even if you're new to it. He's throwing in all of this experience into the training to give you a world class product so that you don't have to go through the trials and errors that he did. You can literally start from nowhere and end up making thousands of dollars per month if you are willing to put in the effort. The course is divided into step by step parts, each aiming at giving you a certain level of knowledge and helping you achieve your income goals. Anik was clever enough to allow people to download the first section of his course at no cost at all; so you'll get 158 pages of fatless content for nothing so you can get started. You'll learn how to do email list marketing, getting in front of targeted traffic, developing your own product, and then finding a great niche - but in reverse order! Of course.

Have an open mind as you read it, and while it's a lot to digest you just may find yourself deciding in favor of his course. The quality of the report really is second to none, and it really is thorough in its approach to outlining what you need to do.

His PPC and Affiliate Classroom sites are hugely successful and high quality training programs, and we have no doubt he put the same degree of quality in this product. We have not seen everything Anik has produced, but we know his reputation; Empire Formula is in a class of its own.

This course requires dedication and committment, so if those two qualities are not in you - then it's best to take a pass on Empire Formula. It's only for those individuals who are willing to put in the hard work and do what's needed. If we've described you just now, then you can use this and we suggest you take action. You'll need to bring your game face with you if you get Empire Formula, but do know that it's a course that will not let you down - so don't let yourself down.

The Empire Formula is 1 of the newest products that Anik Singal has created. Anik has had experience teaching 1000's of many people about Internet advertising and marketing, affiliate promoting and other subjects via his corporation, Lurn INC. Affiliate class room focused on Anik Singal teachings his employees the quite a few basics abilities of affiliate promoting. Once the staff had learned the fundamental expertise, they had been allowed to go out and utilize them. Some staff had been able to create their very own fortunes of huge amounts of capital.

Anik Singal focuses on the step by action mastering approach. Merely telling every person what they must understand and that they must learn about it isn't valuable. Very first of all, you aren't likely to locate the marketplace that needs to find out the message. Second of all, the marketplace will simply not react within the method that they want to in order for your message to get useful. Anik Singal realizes that most people want extra from their informational mastering. They want to be given the step by step procedure so that anyone from the fifteen year previous personal computer wizard to the sixty five year old grandmother can build their very own empire. The Empire Formula was designed to support men and women as a result of whatever they really need to realize. Anik goes as a result of the entire practice and ensures that citizens learn about what they need to know. A professional degree is in fact achieved via the Affiliate class room.

PPC Classroom is an additional solution that Anik Singal has previously released. Pay Per Click promoting can be an outstanding way of scaling a promotion campaign to hundreds, thousands and even millions of distinct folks. Anik Singal believes in every thing that he is doing. He has gone through the entire system of starting an Word wide web internet business and is willing to share the details about his success and failures with absolutely everyone who wishes to join his course. While the very first PPC Classroom sold out, you will find still spots obtainable inside the second version of PPC Classroom.

Anik Singal’s newest product or service that's going to get released is The Empire Formula. Anik Singal is going to become releasing his best and brightest product so far. The Empire Formula promises to show users exactly how they can grow their personal Online world company into 1 on the largest income making machines on the Internet today. Users tend not to have to worry about how they are likely to obtain huge amounts of cash and even the conventional venture capital financing that could possibly be needed to start a business. The Empire Formula has a number of men and women featured who started their businesses just like Anik did. These people took almost no cash, difficult life experiences and made it into the fortune that they have today.

Anik Singal is a single of the leading authorities on Word wide web advertising currently. You will not have to get an expert to realize the superb potential that Anik has to offer. Will not pass up the years of encounter that Anik has within the industry. Take advantage of all that Anik Singal has to provide by downloading The Empire Formula today.[/ddet]

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