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I am in a good position to tell you about Brian Johnson. I have used his system before. Last year when he released his Commission Ritual, I had just started out in the IM business. I had just come from using a different program and although it was a good system, I felt overloaded. Once I found Brian, my world soon changed. Brian gave me the opportunity to learn how to market with efficiency with a direct and straight to the point presentation. He teaches with a style that is both motivational and very informative. I simply cannot say enough good about his style of teaching. So when I heard about his new program, Halloween Super Affiliate, I knew I was going to hop right on board and promote it.

“People DO NOT fail at Internet Marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens”

This is Brian Johnson’s Main Tag line. You will get it at the bottom of every email he sends you, and you will constantly reminded of how anyone can make a living online if only they are persistent and never give up.

I took this line to heart last year when I decided to take on Brian’s course Commission Ritual. I worked my tail off and was rewarded with my first money earned on the internet.

When I heard that Brian was gearing up to offer an even larger and more comprehensive course, I immediately contacted him for access so that I could give you a kind of review that you will not find anywhere else. Brian graciously agreed. So the information that you will read here is first hand and from a genuine user both in the past and in the present.

A Look Inside The Members Area

But Brian does not stop at that one motivational tag line. The guy is full of them.

“I knew in my heart and soul that anyone can make money in the Halloween niche if he or she
· Follows my blueprints
· Takes action
· Stays focused”

“Through all that, be patient! Your online business is your new baby, nurture it with a
driving spirit until it grows big and strong.”

Brian advocates Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” which is one of the original and probably the most popular and influential of all texts that conveys the idea that we have complete control over our destiny. As long as we believe, we can do anything. And Brian Johnson is constantly reminding you that you can do it and it’s easier than you might think.

One thing he does tell you however is that it does take work. You will not achieve success unless you are willing to put in the work. But as long as you are willing to give it your all, then success is guaranteed to come.

With his basic philosophy in mind, I would like to give you a review of his new course Halloween Super Affiliate.

First let’s take a look at what is included with Halloween Super Affiliate

What exactly do you get?

· Over 20 live webinars with Brian.
· The $129.99 Premium WordPress Flexibility Theme- For free!
· Professional Halloween header Graphics
· A full 3 months access to a powerful Link Building blog network.
· The 105 Page Halloween Super Affiliate Core Manual
· Close to 100 Videos with step-by-step instructions.
· Several special Halloween Super Affiliate reports
· Access to a private Halloween Super Affiliate forum.

Now let’s have a closer look at the Halloween Super Affiliate Course from an insiders perspective

This course is super comprehensive and covers everything from the how to perform keyword research, how to set up a WordPress site, to publishing it and getting it ranking by showing you the best way to build your backlinks.

The course is broken down into several parts and in this review I will cover each and every part of this course so you can have a full understanding of what to expect.

Halloween Super Affiliate· Getting Started
· WordPress Site Setup
· WordPress – FlexSqueeze
· WordPress Plug-Ins
· Super Affiliate SEO Mojo
· Phase One: The Mini Site Model
· Phase Two: The Authority Site Model
· Mojo Link Building
· Mojo Monetization
· Business Tools
· Becoming a Super Affiliate
· Downloads

Getting Started

This first section is broken down into 25 videos. Some of the titles are:

  • Becoming A Super Affiliate
  • Target Keyword Phrase Criteria
  • Keyword Research: What To Look For
  • Domain Hosting Essentials
  • Super Affiliate SEO Ranking Guidelines
  • Moving Forward With WordPress

In this opening section, Brian lays the foundation of what it takes to become a super affiliate. He will tell you that you have the ability to make it happen if you take action.

He will give you the motivation and the encouragement that leads to the confidence that anyone can make it online if they only take the action necessary to make it happen.

This section is all about setting your goals and priorities, teaching you how to find your keywords, and getting started on the setting up of your site. It is a section that introduces you to the basics of internet marketing and niche marketing in the most efficient manner the way Brian Johnson does it. Efficiency is key to Brian Johnson. He asks “When travelling by plane, do you know just how it works? The answer, of course, is that it does not really matter to you personally. All that should matter is that it does. The same could be said for Internet marketing, SEO, HTML or PHP code, etc. “

Here is Brian Johnson demonstrating the amount of traffic possible during Halloween

WordPress Site Setup

In this section of 15 videos, you will learn the essentials of installing and configuring WordPress. I have to tell you guys, this is one of the things that I really loved about Brian’s teaching. He shows you exactly what you need to know step-by-step how to configure your WordPress blog, nothing more, nothing less.

All the essentials are covered here. Brian will have your site set up exactly how you need it and he will explain everything in a friendly and conversational style. You will not have to worry about getting bogged down into the details, but will have your blog set up to be seo friendly and perfect for a niche site.

Some of the videos:

    Halloween Super Affiliate

  • WordPress Categories & Tags
  • Settings – Permalinks, Best SEO Structure
  • Settings – General
  • Privacy – Careful Here
  • Posting Content – The Right Way
  • LSI, Links & How to Use Links Effectively

Here’s Brian Showing The Right Way To Post Content


A really cool thing about Brian Johnson’s Halloween Super Affiliate Course is that you get a premium WordPress theme absolutely free. Flexsqueeze is arguably the most popular WordPress theme for affiliate marketers today. In this section of 14 videos, Brian gives you all the essential details about this wonderful theme.

Some of the video titles:

  • FlexSqueeze – Blog Width
  • Video 6: FlexSqueeze – Header
  • FlexSqueeze – Squeeze Page
  • FlexSqueeze – Blog General, Posts, Comments
  • FlexSqueeze – AdSense

Here’s Brian Johnson Showing Exactly How To Create A Squeeze Page

WordPress Plugins

In this next section Brian Johnson reveals to you the plugins he himself uses on all his sites. He shows several videos on the proper installation and exactly how he uses them to leverage them to their best power for your mini sites. He goes in great detail showing exactly how they should be incorporated and you will not miss a thing.

Some of the videos:

    Halloween Super Affiliate

  • Plug-Ins Basics & What They Do/Your Plug-In Folder
  • Adsense and Who Sees Ads
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Ritual Genesis
  • Ritual Addlinks

These are not to miss videos and ones that once you see Brian Johnson Covering there use will allow you to understand the power in which his system is driven. He will have you creating SEO friendly sites without overloading you with tons of plug-ins.

Brian Johnson Demonstrating The Installation Of The Recommended Plug-ins

Super Affiliate SEO Mojo & Traffic Domination

In this section Brian Johnson explains that the most crucial part of any affiliate campaign is the ability to drive traffic to your sites. Therefore focusing your time and ability on the elements that not only drive large amounts of traffic but the ones that also get you targeted traffic.

Brian has spent a lot of time studying the various concepts of how Google and the other search engines work. He will show you how to have the right kind of content and traffic concepts to drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your sites so that you can cash in.

Some of the videos in this section:

  • Mojo Traffic Domination
  • Google Trust & Early Link Building
  • Immediate Goals of The Super Affiliate
  • Keyword Rich Homepage Domination
  • Ranking Traffic & Sales

Phase One: The Mini Site Model

In this section Brian gets into the meat & potatoes of what this course is all about. As stated already, Brian has spent years studying Google and exactly how to go about ranking. He has experienced number one rankings, been de-indexed, semi-spammed, tested and tweaked and all the while learning what it takes to succeed in this business and has made tons of money. Now he brings the knowledge that he has spent years refining to you in this course so that you can skip many of the mistakes that he has made.

After the success of last year’s Commission Ritual, Brian further explored many ways of creating sites and driving traffic. Some of these methods he revealed in the recent Auto Content Cash system. Now he melds all that he has learned and put it into this Halloween Super Affiliate Course for you.

The methods that he has come up with will enable you to create sites that do very well right out of the gate. This is all done not in a spammy way or one that will get you banned in Google. In fact, Brian strongly recommends that you study Google’s Webmaster Guidelines because the goal is not to trick Google but to give them exactly what it is they want.

Brian will talk about what makes for great SEO and the best way to rank today.

All of the videos of The Mini Site Strategy

  1. Phase One & Two Strategy
  2. Proven, Effective, Plain Works – In Any Market
  3. 3 Months Goals – October 1st
  4. Staying Organized, Reports & Staying On Track
  5. Brian’s Phase One Battle Plan
  6. Phase One Strategy
  7. Vary Your Target Keyword Phrases

Brian will teach you the methods that will gain Google’s trust which will allow your sites to rank well. He briefly explains the history of the way search engines ranked pages and how that has evolved in to today’s determining factors of ranking. He will teach you how to avoid Google’s suspicion to launch and maintain high quality niche sites that will rank well and earn you money not only this Halloween but all year long.

He will shown you how to refine your goals and take you by the hand until you reach them. Saying “I want to make money” is too broad and teaches that you should also be realistic in your goal setting.

Phase Two: The Authority Site Model

The true value you will get out of this course is not really the mini niches sites you will build. The true value comes from the inside training that you will receive when you sign up with Brian Johnson and Halloween Super Affiliate. You get to be mentored by a true Super Affiliate who will show you not only how to build small sites that make a killing but larger Authority Sites that will truly be an asset that will generate monthly income for a long time to come.

There is a dedicated section for building your authority site that is covered in detail. Brian starts off this section by giving you an overview of a long term strategy. He will explain that to build a true authority site, it will take the time that most wannabe marketers simply do not want to take. But the advantages of building a long term authority site are tremendous. Brian will show you how to build such a site that will last a long time and have plenty of Google trust and give you great income over the long term.

The authority site model is different from the mini site model because of the potential income levels and “stayability” of the model. The mini site has the ability to start quickly and drive traffic and make money almost immediately.

All of the videos in the Authority Site Model
Halloween Super Affiliate

  1. Phase Two Overview
  2. Authority Site Model
  3. Homepage Linking Mojo (Part 2)
  4. The Power of Online Video
  5. Animoto.com Other Point & Click Video Options
  6. Uploading Tactics
  7. Final Thoughts Video Marketing & Authority Sites

As you can see, Brian covers a lot of key points to consider when you begin your authority niche site including the ever increasing importance of using video in your marketing.

Brian Johnson Teaching in his usual conversational and motivational style.

Mojo Link Building

Brian Johnson opens this section by explaining that great rankings are not hard to achieve but does require some effort to get the results you want. However, if you use the methods that he will teach you in Halloween Super Affiliate “you can rank in the top ten for any term you want.”

In this section, Brian outlines all you need to know that will allow you to easily dominate the search engine rankings. But he reminds you that “you must focus, you must stay on track and you must prioritize your efforts.”

Some of the videos:

    Halloween Super Affiliate

  • Importance of Links
  • Natural Linking
  • Slow steady Link Growth (trust factor)
  • Quality of Links over Quantity (something you’ll hear a lot of from Brian)
  • Link Building Plan of Attack
  • Fast Link Indexer System
  • Onlywire Bookmarking Service

Brian stresses having links from different types of sites such as blogs, social sites, bookmarking sites, directories, and more and he will show you how to get them. He will explain the concept of link growth which is a challenge for those who are just getting started online and SEO.

Brian Johnson’s goal with Halloween Super Affiliate was to provide you with an intensive coaching program that would include all you need to succeed in niche marketing and to cash in year after year. That is why the membership comes with a number of paid products free of charge as well as some 90-day trials that will get you past the point of earning money. These are products that he uses on a daily basis. He will suggest and show you how to use free services at first until you are making the money that you want.

Brian will give you access to a fantastic blogging network that until now has been kept underground steady building authority and trust from Google. This is an amazing advantage you will have. I myself use more than one blogging network and after seeing the one he has I am definitely going to jump on board this one.

Here’s Brian Explaining the Importance of Getting A Variety of Types of Links

Mojo Monetization

Brian will teach you streamlining your efforts here. “Super Affiliates streamline their work to ensure they get more done in less time which, of course, results in more earnings.”

He will show you monetization methods that will allow to concentrate more on building your sites and getting them ranking rather that getting bogged down in the technical details of the task of monetization. This is an area that many marketers often struggle with, including me.

I have used Commission Junction and I personally found their linking system a bit confusing. It’s not like Clickbank where you can simply get a abbreviated name for a product and you will instantly know what your affiliate link is. In this section, Brian breaks down this confusing mess into an easy to follow method that will allow you to easily get your link and move on very quickly. He will teach you how to get your links without even logging in to CJ every time you want to promote a new product.

He will show you the best way to optimize your site and seamlessly integrate your links without any trouble at all. Brian will show you step-by-step how to navigate through CJ’s seemingly confusing site with ease and have you on your way.

Business Tools

Here Brian will teach you the essential tools that you will need as a marketer. Many are free and will get you started while others are quality paid services that you can acquire once you start making money. He talks of hosting companies, keyword tools, getting domain names, link building tools and more.

The videos:

  • Firefox the Browser for Markers
  • Rank Checker
  • Rank Reporter
  • Sites Spreadsheet / Personal Data Spreadsheet

Becoming A Super Affiliate

Brian wraps up his course with his usual motivational style. It is easy to tell that he truly cars for your success. He speaks about the personal satisfaction that he gets when he sees his students reach their online goals and achieve success. He gives examples of real people who have had success with his systems. These people have been able to achieve what we all want to do online. And that is to make big bucks on the internet! He will remind you to not forget about the daily work you must do. Read the manual to get a general idea of what the course is going to entail and go through the materials with a fine tooth comb. Read the manual and watch the videos twice if you have to. Learn it and you will have all the education that you will need to succeed.

The webinars:

There is nothing like having a live webinar where you can actually here a person speak. I have heard Brian on some webinars that he has done in the past and I can tell you that these are going to be a treat. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice and can tell that he is excited to be doing what he’s doing. It definitely is contagious.

Here are the titles to some of the webinars:
· Brian’s Golden Rule of Internet Marketing
· Halloween Niche Economics – Research, Planning & More
· In-depth Halloween Research – Here’s How We Kill It This Year!
· Finding Powerful Domain’s in the Halloween Niche Market
· Additional Niche Research: Insight, Trends, Hot Costumes, Ect …
· Special Webinar with Kristen Grace (aff manager buycostumes.com)
· Micro Niche Finder – Best Usage Webinar
· Super Affiliate SEO Ranking Guidelines
· Domain’s, Hosting, Nameservers & Addon Domains

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