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Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate  Reviewed in Detail

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Dan Brock will be releasing his new course called Deadbeat Super Affiliate on November 2, 2010. Stay tuned as I will have a complete review of the product so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Deadbeat Super AffiliateDan has allowed me to see the course in full so I will be able to give you insights that you may not find elsewhere. Briefly it is a course on Amazon affiliate marketing. I know this is an excellent method of generating an income online. I have some Amazon sites myself so I know that this has potential to be a huge success for you!

So on November 2nd, don’t forget to come here to get the best bonus and review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Update: My review of Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

As promised I have been able to review Dan Brock’s new training course, Deadbeat Super Affiliate, which is a step out of the main flow of product launches we have seen of late. Dan’s training is about selling physical products which, according to him, is a huge untapped niche being ignored by a lot of people in the “make money online” arena. Dan kindly gave me access to his course around a week ago and I have gone through the material in great detail.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Ok lets get into it right away.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a comprehensive course walking you through the complete set up of a word press website to sell physical products supplied by a third party such as Amazon. Dan has gone to great length to make this course as simple as possible to follow by making the instructions clear and easy to follow.

The training is for the most part written, but backed up by clear video demonstrations as and when needed. Below you will find a breakdown of the chapters.

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Deadbeat Core Training

Making Money with Amazon Product Reviews

Module 1: Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Module 1A: Using The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Method On Other Physical Product Networks

Module 2: Finding a Good Product to Promote

Module 3: Checking the Demand For a Product

Module 4: Finding Similar Products to Promote

Module 5: Register Your Domain Name and Hosting

Module 6: Creating Your Article Title

Module 7: Creating Your Article Body Content

Module 8: Setting Up Your Website

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Module 9: Adding the Article to Your Website

Module 10: Basic Link Building: Social Bookmarking

Module 11: Setting Up the Auto-Post Feature

Module 12: Revisit Your Website And Bookmark New

Module 13: Additional Link Building Techniques

Module 14: Outsourcing Your Link Building

Module 15: Improving Conversions: Who, What, Why?

Module 16: Improving Conversions: Adding Video

Module 17: Improving Conversions: Star Power!

Module 18: Improving Conversions: Add Your Picture

Module 19: Profit Tweaks – Amazon Link Localizer

Module 20: Profit Tweaks – Amazon Exit Popup

Module 21: The Indirect Product Review

Module 22: Monitor and Improve What Is Selling

Module 23: Duplicate the Things That Work

Module 24: Do Something!

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Advanced Training

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Introduction to Advanced Training: Building Out Your Authority

Module 1: Creating a Customer Index Page

Module 2: The Google Proof Product Review Formula

Module 3: Getting Traffic – Setting Up Networks

Module 4: Article Stacking

Module 5: Video Stacking

Module 6: Foreign Language Marketing

As you can see from the chapter’s in the Core Training it is very comprehensive, however there is no need to be daunted by the amount of chapters. As I mentioned earlier Dan has done a great job of taking out all the superfluous information and breaks it down into small manageable chunks.

By now some of you will have seen the pre launch videos that Dan has been broadcasting and hopefully you will also have downloaded the free material he made available as well. The pdf’s he has given away are a great taster for what he has instore inside his Deadbeat Super Affiliate course.


In summary Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a more than adequate training course if you are considering selling physical products online and the timing couldn’t be better as we run up to the holiday season. However if you are looking to take advantage of the increased traffic and demand for online physical product sales you will need to be pro-active and if you consider investing in the Deadbeat Super Affiliate course then the bonus I am offering is the perfect compliment to kick start your online physical affiliate sales.

I hope that my brief Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review has answered any questions you may have had about Dan’s course.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Bonus

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate


You will need my Bonus #1 if you want to quickly rank your Amazon site. Dan Brock’s backlinking methods, although effective, will take some time to develop. The video in Bonus #1 will allow you to very quickly get your site ranking in Google while you develop the other backlinking techniques Dan will show you.

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate

IM Niche Secrets Revealed with Mark Ling

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Cashing In on Teleseminars with Mark Ling

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  • Learn how Mark made over $100,000 in a single teleseminar
  • Understand exactly how you go about promoting an upcoming seminars like the pro’s do.

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate - How Well Does it Work?

Deadbeat Super AffiliateWith all of the different courses and products to buy, why should you choose Deadbeat Super Affiliate instead of the competition? We've seen lots of people talking about this product so we decided to give it a look. After all, there are so many new things out there that are supposed to help you make tons of money online, how do you know who to trust? We decided to forget about all of the hype and provide you readers with a usable review. The following article will explain a few of the key factors that jumped out at us when we were examining and trying out this course.

Deadbeat Super AffiliateOne helpful aspect of Deadbeat Super Affiliate is that you can start using the information right away. The way the course is set up allows you to get started very fast. After you absorb the first lessons, you have enough to get you started, then you keep on learning as you gradually build your business.

As you absorb a lesson you can immediately begin putting that information to work. A lot of courses teach you all of the content and then it's up to you to put it together. The lessons in this course are each focused on a certain task or method that you can then begin applying to your business.

People have different learning preferences, as some like to learn a large amount in one sitting and then process it in their own time. Others, however, only want to be given a limited amount of knowledge at once. The way the Deadbeat Super Affiliate is set up is that you get several different modules. Affiliate marketing is broken down into different subjects, each covered in its own section. This is a step by step approach that shows you everything in order. Those who prefer a different method of learning may have problems with this. This course is great, however, if you like to have lessons given one by one.

Deadbeat Super AffiliateObviously there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than only putting up a website and tossing up some affiliate links and then waiting for money to come in. Having a traffic-less website is the same as not having a website at all. This is one of the reasons that you need to learn how to generate traffic to your websites. Chris X and Mike Auton are giving course students an added item that they call the Traffic Blueprint to help students learn how to make the most of the affiliate websites that they will make.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a very effective course for anyone who is serious about succeeding with affiliate marketing. People who order this course will get a complete affiliate marketing education that will enable them to launch successful online businesses. This is not a way to get wealthy overnight. It is a teach you slowly so you can build a sustainable income scheme.Deadbeat Super Affiliate[/ddet]

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